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Sailing yacht

The sailing yacht is a well-maintained Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54DS.
It offers plenty of space and comfort and impresses with excellent sailing qualities.


As a passionate and enthusiastic sailor, I love being on the water, exploring, and experiencing new things. Come along and join me for a while!


Each day of your sailing trip brings new impressions and experiences. The only fixed destination is at the end of the journey – everything else is shaped by the wind, weather, and your imagination.

What can you expect on a sailing trip?

Of course, sailing trips on Fair Lady aren't cruises - they're active adventures!

Playing the role of a bus driver and shuttling my guests from one bay to another might be okay at times, but it doesn’t really align with my idea of a fulfilling sailing vacation.
What’s much more appealing is being active as a team, sharing experiences, sailing as a crew, handling onboard routines together, cooking or BBQing together – a sailing trip is a collective experience.
Crew members aren’t just passengers; they’re part of the team.
Only in their “own four walls,” meaning the cabins, is everyone responsible for cleanliness and tidiness.

The general atmosphere is friendly and considerate, with people helping and supporting each other. Often, strong teams are formed from randomly assembled individuals, sometimes even deep friendships or new romantic relationships emerge.

In addition to just sailing, we’ll seize every opportunity to do everything that makes a great vacation at sea: swimming and snorkelling, lounging around, chatting, laughing, eating, drinking, excursions & trips, perhaps the odd hike, and so on and so forth – basically, everything that makes us feel good and that we’re in the mood for.


Fair Lady has a total of five cabins for a maximum of ten people. However, since I always want to provide ample space for all guests, I accommodate a limit of
only max. six guests on the yacht.

The cabins are each for two people with their own bathroom/toilet. Both aft cabins are soundproof.
Bed linen and towels (bath towel and large shower towel) are provided.

There is no minimum occupancy. All trips will be conducted as stated; if necessary, even alone or with only one or two additional sailors.

For the offshore trips in the Atlantic, as well as the voyages along the Italian west coast and around Corsica, there will be a co-skipper on board, who actively assists.
He covers his own ongoing costs and contributes equally to the onboard cash fund like any other crew member.

The Costs:
All prices are in EURO and are for berth charter per person for the specified duration of the trip. Single cabin surcharge is 30%.

In addition to that, there’s the onboard cash fund – “kitty”.
From this fund, the communal provisions on board (drinks, food, fruit, snacks, etc.), harbor or mooring fees, fuel, customs fees if applicable, etc. are paid.
Most crews also decide to cover communal restaurant visits from the onboard cash fund. This is discussed and agreed upon at the beginning of the trip; in any case, according to the old seafaring tradition, the skipper remains exempt.
As rough guidelines (excluding restaurant visits):
Approximately €250 – €300 per person per week for a 4-person occupancy.
Approximately €200 – €250 per person per week for a 6-person occupancy.

A flat fee of €50 per person is charged for final cleaning and laundry services.

Feeling like embarking on a special vacation experience?

Come aboard and join me for a part of the journey.
Be there for the exciting voyage from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean.

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